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Joe Gerhardt

















Dale Dickson of Las Vegas, NV took this cow elk in New Mexico on a 2000 hunt, with his

Howa 1500 .338 Win Mag and a Bell & Carlson Medalist synthetic stock in Tan w/Black Web. (SKU # 6501-30)


















Jr. Dunn of Dodge City, KS with his coyote taken at 325 yards with a Remington 700 ADL , .243cal. Olympic Arms barrel, and a Bell & Carlson  Ultra Light Weight synthetic rifle stock (SKU # 2950)






Pam Schmitz of Vancouver, WA shows off her trophies and her Winchester Model 70 with a Bell and Carlson Carbelite rifle stock. Moose 2003 Alberta, Canada  ONE SHOT. Bear 2004 Alberta, Canada with the same gun ONE SHOT. Pam also sent in a letter with her pics. Click Here to read.


I want to express my gratitude to your company. I deer hunt primarily in Louisiana where the weather can be harsh. Lots of rain, humidity fluctuations, hot & cold weather, etc... I have been hunting with a Bell and Carlson 2-piece stock on my Remington 7600 pump-action rifle for 6+ years. It goes everywhere I go. Whether I am trekking through the cypress filled swamps of South Louisiana or riding on my ATV through the Dolett Hills of Mansfield , it has held up to the abuse I have put it through and it has performed flawlessly. I have killed several dozen deer with this rifle and have attached a picture of a deer I killed this past December in Kentwood , LA.

Keep up the fine craftsmanship. I recently purchased a new Browning A-bolt 270 WSM and I will purchase another Bell and Carlson stock for that rifle in the near future.

Bret Marchand

Saint Amant , LA




Take a look at the antelope I got outside of Laramie Wy. on Sept. 18,
2006. as you can see the Weatherby Vanguard has one of your stocks. The
medalist,  that I like very much. I replaced the tupper ware stock that
came on the rifle.
THANKS for a great stock.
Jerry Yale

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