Carbelite 2pc. Rifle Stocks

Remington Two-Piece Rifle

SKU#6608-Remington 7400 Model 4/742; all calibers, stock and forearm, fit to current model action, modifications may be required on forearm due to variations in cap sizes, metal sleeve from wood not necessary, BDL requires purchase of forearm cap

SKU#6618-Remington 7600 Post '81/Model 6/760; all calibers, fit to current model action

SKU#6648-Remington 760 Pre '81 Carbine; all calibers

Ruger #1

SKU#6688-Fits standard caliber's, stock forearm is fit to current model action with 26" medium weight sporter barrel, caliber's .243, .270, 7 x 57, .30-06, modification will be necessary for heavy or lightweight barrels.

Browning Two-Piece Rifle

SKU#6638-Browning BAR Post '79; standard calibers, minor modifications to fit pre-'79actions

SKU#6658-Browning BAR Post'79; magnum calibers, minor modifications to fir pre-'79 actions

SKU#6668-Browning BAR Safari Mark II; standard calibers, fit to current model action

SKU#6678-Browning BAR Safari Mark II; magnum calibers, fit to current model action.

Thompson Center Contender

SKU#6698-Fits all calibers although some barrel channel modifications my be required for magnum calibers and/or heavy barrels. This thumbhole style butt stock and forearm can be used from wither the right- or left-handed position.