“The Ultimate Target System”

By Bell and Carlson



Bell and Carlson is proud to introduce and include the EZ-Roost target system to their line of  products for the shooting and hunting industry.  This product was designed for entertainment and to generate interest in target and recreational shooting.  Everyone has firearms that they only get out during hunting season because it is just not that much fun to shoot at paper targets.  Also, with paper targets, it is a real problem figuring out on what or how to attach them.  Low cost, easy setup, unlimited versatility and the fact that it is really fun to watch them break is why it is considered to be “The Ultimate Target System”.   It’s more fun than just “punching” holes in paper.  Shoot a target that really breaks!  It was designed primarily to be used for small and large rifles/pistols at 5 to 500+ yards but it is also a great target for BB/pellet guns and archery. 

  It’s as easy as inserting the metal posts into the ground, sliding the target holders onto the posts and positioning a standard 4 ˝” clay target

into the holder. 

The EZ-Roost comes complete with ( 4 ) target holders and  ( 4 ) mounting posts and is packaged in a clamshell for easy display.

  The holders are designed to be used with the included metal posts but they will also fit on a common 3/8” steel post (such as electric fence posts),

dowel, etc.  We are also proud to say that this fine product is made in the USA!

 Suggested Retail:  $14.95


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