Just a short note to let you know that my stock arrived last Friday.  The action of my Model 7 dropped in perfectly without any adjustment and I was very impressed with the quality and feel of the stock.

I got the opportunity to get out on the range Saturday with my new set up and to be honest, I didn't have any great expectations given the short light whippy barrel of the 7.  I was however delighted with the results.  A rifle which previously shot 1 1/2" groups was now shooting clover leaves !

I am delighted with my purchase.  Many thanks for your assistance and to B&C for a great product !

John Dunne

United Kingdom (Great Britain)



              I appreciate your quick response on the stock.  He is actually able to aim with it using a good cheek weld which allows for much quicker target acquisition. 

This leads to deer in the freezer and one very happy 8 year old.


Thanks Jr. and the folks at Bell and Carlson for an awesome stock for my sons rifle!

He is so proud of it and made an awesome shot.

You guys ROCK !


Stephen Johnson and Kim Blattner Johnson





January 29, 2012

Hi folks,

Just wanted to how impressed I am with my B&C stock. I installed a Rem 700 SPS tactical 308. At first the bolt would bind, but I finally found that I needed to sand in one particular area and that did the trick. The bolt zips open and closed now, very slick. when I finally got to sight it in a few weeks ago, it was amazing. The largest group was 0.855, 2 shots, outside to outside edges. the largest 5 shot group was 0.665 outside to outside edges, center to center on that group was 0.410 in any direction!!! I've never had a rifle shoot this tight. I will definetly look into more of your stocks for my other rifles. Thank you for making a great stock. It shoots great and looks great as well.

 Ken Rivera, SGT

US Army Med Retired





Thought you'd want to see this - about ten years ago I updated my old .30-06 M1917 with one of your stocks. Since then my youngest son has taken quite a liking to the rifle. Earlier this month he took a whitetail buck with it here in Washington, and last year he took a good bear, here in Washington as well. The B&C stock helped this old warhorse of a rifle earn a new life as a general-purpose hunting rifle. My son and I think of it as a rough and tumble rifle, capable of doing well in the wide variety of weather we encounter on our hunts here. You guys build a good stock.

Regards, Guy Miner

Wenatchee, Washington




I have just received the stock that you repaired and refinished.  I am extremely pleased with the professional job that was done and the timely manner that it was attended.  It is always a pleasure to see an AMERICAN company go out of their way to stand behind their product.  You are to be commended and I thank you very much.  Too often companies are besieged by complaints of what they have done wrong.  This is the time that you got everything right !

Keep up the good work!

Sincerest thanks,

H.B. Wofford

Victoria, TX  77905



Just to let you know that the groups from my Savage FP10 308 went from 1.5-2.0 inches down to 0.5 inch at 100 yards after installing your Medalist varmint/tactical stock.  Also, the zero remains constant.  The Medalist stock looks and feels great.  The rifle has better balance and felt recoil is much less than with the factory Savage stock.

Thanks for a great product at a great price,
Steve Hiatt
Noblesville, Indiana


Dear Bell & Carlson,

I got my Blaser R93 stock back this week with your Natural Gear camo and the new MaxxGuard finsh. All I can say is, "Awesome!"  You guys did a great job on the stock and it looks great. The MaxxGuard finish is just super. I like it even more than I thought I would, and I will definitely have it applied to any other rifles I send to you. The best part of this whole deal was the price. You guys are by far the most reasonable priced refinishing service around and your work is really superior.

Thanks again for a great product.

Trust your front sight.

R.C. Schutz
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps



I could not let it go without emailing you folks at Bell and Carlson how absolutely happy I am with the Mossy Oaks New Breakup finish you applied to my old Remington 742 factory wood stock. I thought about buying one of the inexpensive synthetic stocks with the Realtree finish. I also thought about ordering your synthetic stock in one of your custom finishes. But I decided to try you custom finish applied to my original wood stock. I also asked to have the MaxxGuard finish also applied. It is beyond my expectations. My sons are going to be so jealous. I can not wait to show it to them on opening day of deer season. I am seriously thinking of having the stock on a new black powder rifle, I just received, sent in and refinished also. Your product  and service is, absolutely, beyond compare.

Garry Lensing 

Tacoma, Washington




The "Medalist" is the absolute best stock I've ever used and at a fair price !

     Dale Herling

     Richland, WA 99352







Put this 2092-97 on my .308 and not only does it look and feel great, the performance is AWESOME !!!!!  This is my target at 300 yards.......and it is VERY consistent ! 



Scott Walker

Shubert, NE





I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product for such a good price. I was using your Bell and Carlson Tactical Medalist (2999-22) on my Savage 10FP 20" .308 and came up with a 5-shot group at 200 yards that measured 0.311, which I outshot my friend shooting his with his McMillan A3 that he always brags about. Its always good to have companies like you around so you dont have to spend $460 on a fully inleted stock. I actually would prefer your stock over the McMillan regardless of price but I got it for $250 cheaper.

here is a picture of my gun, target, and ammo I took after shooting this amazing group.

And here is a picture of the target and group itself being measured with a digital caliper showing 0.619, and after subtracting .308 comes out to be 0.311. The group may acutally be a little smaller seeing as a little of the edges of the group are showing but i can live with .311 at 200 yards.

Greg Connoyer



I just recieved my "Medalist" (2096-02) today and all I can say is holy hell this stock is amazingly designed. It's a bit heavier than the original which will dampen the recoil, it's got that nice fat fore-end with the dual sling posts (I've already got my bi-pod snuggled onto it), and finally the grip design really helps out with my large hands. I was completely suffocating the grip of the regular stock. Of course seeing as how YOU sold it to ME, I'm quite sure I'm just rambling on about things you're aware of already.....  

Let me know if you want any photos of what it looks like to post or for reference, or anything what-so-ever!! I'm just so completely happy and satisfied with the results of my purchase!!

      Thank you a thousand times over,

            Spc. Mundy, Scott A.

            United States Army




I would highly recommend this Bell and Carlson stock to anyone with a Ruger 10/22 that might be in the market for customizing his or her rimfire. Suddenly, I have a new favorite rifle and best of all its incredibly accurate and cheap to shoot. Click here for full product review.

Tom Cannon




I just want to say that my rifle was good looking before I sent it in for a "treatment". Now that I have it back, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am so very pleased with the camo. I'm telling everyone that you guys did it. Thank you for such quality and a beautiful rifle.

Robert Schumacher.



Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your EZ-Roost target holder.  I purchased a set from the Blue Press and my daughter and I went shooting last weekend.  I can't believe how well they hold up to an occasional bullet!  They definitely made the day a lot of fun.


Bernie Kowalski

Arvada , CO



These stocks install in minutes without any special tools, as we discovered when we slipped one onto a Ruger 77 in 7 x 57. In 14 days of hard hunting in B.C. for goats and moose under all types of weather conditions, this stock stood up to everything we could throw at it without a hitch. And converting your wood stocked rifle over to a Carbelite TM stock won't break the bank.

Peterson's Hunting

Duffle Bag, Staff Report



I think your product is the best on the market regardless of price. I have tried more expensive stocks and can not justify spending the extra money. Your stocks do an excellent job in protection, accuracy and fell.

Henry Hill

Outdoor Writer Photographer



Bell & Carlson stocked a barreled action for me. I've had the opportunity to thoroughly test it in the field, and have nothing but good results to report. Not only did the stock hold up extremely well under a wide variety of weather conditions and physical demands, but it also added to the overall look of the rifle. An added bonus was the stock's ability to keep me zeroed under any situation, however adverse.

Bob McNitt

Outdoor Writer Photographer



This note confirms our conversation that I am very satisfied with the Bell & Carlson replacement stock on my Ruger M-77 300 Win-Mag. This rifle shoots 1/2" groups in 3 shots at 100 yards. The felt recoil is identical to my Ruger M-77 in .30-06 with the original wood stock.

Joe Delaney

Joe's Waterfowl Guide Service St. Claire Shores, MI



I was hunting with a Ruger 77 in .30-06. For toughness and stability I dropped my barreled action into a Bell & Carlson composite stock which had a very attractive straight grain walnut finish. The rifle was very accurate straight from the box, averaging just under an inch with factory loads and selected hand loads. The simple, expedient process of merely bolting on the Bell & Carlson stock did not change its fine accuracy so I saw no reason to glass bed the action

Aaron F. Pass, Author

Peterson's Deer Hunting



I own a Remington model 7600 in .243 with a Bell and Carlson stock. My gun will print 100 yard groups that can be covered with a quarter using 100 grain Winchester Supreme bullets.

George Luckenbaugh

Spring Grove, PA


Thanks to all.  I received my refinished rifle stock a couple days back.  Wow, super work I am extremely picky and I looked it over thorough.  I found absolutely no defects in workmanship. The stock looks ever bit as good as the one you see available in stores and at a fraction of the cost.  I can’t wait until hunting season to show off my “”new” rifle. I would highly recommend your product to anyone looking to update their weapon.

Leo Stacks

Wetumpka Al


I have two of your stocks that I purchased from Cabela's.  One is black web and I had it weighted to 21lbs after i received it in the mail. It's on a savage model 12 .308.  The factory stock was weak and very flimsy in the front portion and would make a lot of contact with the floating barrel.  This destroyed my long range groupings.  With the new stock, it went from 3/4 inch groups at a hundred yards to consistent .38 to .42 inch groups at a hundred yards (after glass bedding the pillars).   I was so impressed with the way the gun shot, I put the same stock with a tan web pattern on my savage model 12 22-250.   It had the exact same reaction (with the same bedding job that I put on the .308..   Your outstanding stocks have made two fine guns outstanding firearms.  A very happy customer!

Derek Casey


My wife purchased a Carbelte stock from Midway USA  for my birthday last week. I have an older Remington 700 BDL in 7mm/08 which I had purchased used. The original owner had attempted to glass bed the stock. Not a good job and I was dissatisfied with the accuracy obtained. I replaced the old stock with one of yours and sighted in the rifle with factory ammo. What a difference in performance! This rifle just became a keeper. I would recommend your products to anyone interested in a easy way to improve the rifle's performance.

Senior Inspector Clyde Kirby

Fort Hancock TX Port of Entry





Dylan Hart

Austin, TX